Free Online GED Classes

Students can take advantage of free online GED classes to help them prepare for the GED test.

There are free online GED classes although the actual examination should be taken personally by the student. These modules are made up of testing tips, subject summaries and practice questionnaires. There are some websites that will ask you for an email address to gain access to their free GED classes. Mentoring and learning are now done through the Internet because of the continuing developments in information technology. One of the reasons for enrolling in GED classes is to make things easier for you. The purpose of this self-study is to enhance your comprehension of the different fields of study. You can also understand your weaknesses better and give you more ability to learn about the study materials.

Benefits of Taking GED Classes

In fact, there are allegedly more benefits that you can derive from a GED online class rather than the standard classroom. There are no time limits and it is more convenient since you do not have to leave the house and commute. Various training courses allow you to plan your schedule. You can enroll in free online GED classes with reputable test preparation agencies.

The American Council on Education recommends PBS Literary Link. It is a project of the University of Pennsylvania subsidized by the federal government. The primary objective of this endeavor is to provide access to adult education to the most number of students. The website sets up virtual classrooms where you receive instructions regarding the correct way to study for the GED testing in Georgia. Mentors provide lectures on a variety of test topics of the test as well as video lessons to ensure that you get an enjoyable learning experience.

The GED for free is a free site which provides GED online classes on the various subjects. It gives helpful pointers and useful tips about the GED as well as how to achieve the highest possible score. There are practice questions relevant to each subject if you want to focus on only one specific topic. You can also take full-length online GED preparation tests. The site has a portal where you can get help from a tutor if you have doubts regarding test subjects.

The Online Training Institute website offers dedicated training services for all five subjects. Logging in will provide you with access to resources that the training program provides including video lessons, virtual classrooms, practice materials, and trial examinations. If you are doing self-study, you need to find a free practice test for GED.

You can try the following online schools as well:

Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education 1800 Century Place NE, Suite 555 Atlanta, GA 30345-4304

Phone: (404) 679-1621

Office of Adult Literacy GED Testing Service 1800 Century Place, NE Suite 300 B Atlanta, GA 30345 Phone: (850) 245-9008

Central Georgia Technical College, Macon

(478) 757-6670/6671

3300 Macon Tech Dr. Macon, GA 31210

Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Mon – Wed 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Mon & Wed 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Persons who apply at Central Georgia Technical College) are referred to the Adult Education Program (AEP). They will be assessed for academic skills. Candidates should present a copy of their Compass/Asset Test Scores when reporting to the AEP Orientation and Assessment program for enrollment.