GED Classes in Georgia

Georgia residents can find a variety of GED classes that will help them prepare for the GED test.

The GED or General Equivalency Diploma is a process that allows individuals who were not able to finish high school to enrol in an advanced program that serves as their passport to become eligible to advanced skills training or higher education courses. There is no need to be a state resident of Georgia to take these GED classes. The government recognizes GED to be a major qualification for 95% of private and public companies nationwide as well as to colleges and universities in the country. The GED examination is composed of major subject areas namely Science, Math, Social Sciences, and Language which includes Reading and Writing. The applicant shall complete all test sections within seven hours and must be able to pass at least 60% of the senior high school competency and proficiency level. A standard GED test costs about $75 and it can be taken through online or via satellite GED testing centers. Below is the list of accredited GED schools offering GED courses.

South Georgia Technical School

South Georgia College provides testing opportunities for individuals who have not finished high school in Crisp and Sumter counties. South Georgia Technical School also follows the five parts of the test such as Science, Math, Social Studies, Literature, and Writing. Exam takers should expect to encounter different types of test such as multiple choices, essay, and reading comprehension. Students who have passed the GED shall undergo a personalized training based on the results of their test.

Chattahoochee Technical College

Chattahochee Technical College administers the same GED examinations but they accommodate applicants who are aged 16 and above provided that they have documentations supporting their formal release from their former high school and a parental consent. Before taking the GED test, applicants must also demonstrate an approved level of proficiency by means of a pre-test trial. For those 18 years old and above, free classes in writing, reading, and mathematics are provided but these are not mandatory.

Moultrie Technical College

Moultrie Technical College offers standard GED testing for adult applicants who have not earned their high school diploma. Parts of the examination include reading, math, writing, as well as instructions input in computers. Moultrie specializes in adult GED training and can only accommodate applicants aged 18 and above. Exam takers must be able to meet pre-qualification requirements before proceeding to the test itself.

Central Georgia Technical College

GED test applicants who wish to take part in the program shall undergo an Adult Education Program orientation before the exam proper. They can opt to enrol in PREP 360 Fast Track Classes where they are tasked to complete a 60 to 100 hour test for the GED proper. Central Georgia Technical College offers limited free GED classes for chosen applicants.

The GED exam is a guaranteed passport for individuals who were not able to finish high school to secure a permanent job and earn competitively. Based on studies, GED passers are able to earn more than $7,000 annually than regular high school graduates. This is because GED tests provide more advanced programs to test the proficiency and competency of the applicant.