GED Online Practice Test

Are you planning on taking the GED test soon? You can make use of available online GED practice tests to help you prepare for the real thing.

The General Education Development (GED), also termed as General Equivalency Development, is a government program implemented in United States and Canada that aims to provide individuals who are not able to finish high school, or who have become dropouts, to take the proficiency examination that is equivalent to the level of a senior high school. The goal of the GED test is to provide employment and higher education opportunities to other individuals. THE GED certification is recognized in over 95% of both public and private companies in the country, thus ensuring that passers will be able to enrol in colleges or universities, participate in advanced skills training or be given stable jobs with decent pay and limitless opportunities.

The GED test is divided into five major subparts namely Science, Math, Social Sciences, Reading, and Writing. All categories must be answered within seven hours from the time of the administering of the test papers. To pass the exam, the taker must be able to score at least 60% which is equivalent to 450 passing mark for each category, amounting to a total of 2250 correct answers for the whole test. Once the applicant passes the GED test, he will become eligible to take the specialized training program that is designed based on the test results.

Taking Online Practice Tests for the GED

Passing the GED is not really an easy endeavor which is why taking a GED practice test would definitely help you in mastering the topics that are possibly covered on the exam proper. There are many online GED practice tests and most of them are free. However, do not expect that all areas of Math, Science, Social Sciences, and Literature are covered. It is strongly recommended to take free practice tests first and buy modules to assist you in the process. This is particularly important if you have been out of school for quite a long time and you need an effective refresher course. Expect to answer different types of exams such as multiple choices, essay types, and reading comprehension. Surely, you have encountered the same when you were taking your IELTS or TOEFL, only this one is catered primarily to measure a high school level IQ.

The questions on online GED practice tests are fairly easy; however, you might feel challenged because of the number of items. The entire online test is answerable within 20 minutes or so depending on your pacing. Others would have trouble answering the reading comprehension part as this will take a portion of your time and some of the questions are tricky. One effective technique not to waste time is to go over the questions first and list all the pertinent information that the item is looking for, and then go ahead with the reading. Reading once or twice should suffice but if you still cannot arrive at the answer, move on to the next item. The same strategy is applicable on the actual test itself. Remember that you only have seven hours to answer over 4,000 questions. Therefore, you must not underestimate the level of difficulty, because in reality, the challenge is in managing your time.