Georgia GED Overview

Do you want a chance to become eligible for employment even if you haven’t finished high school? Learn more about the facts of GED.

Not everyone is given the opportunity to finish school and since employees prefer those who have earned a degree, it is crucial for a person to secure his diploma to be able to get a stable job and earn a decent living. Dropout rates vary each year but the figures are still alarming considering the growing number of out-of-school youths. Thus, the government encourages those who were not able to finish high school to take a GED test to become eligible for employment to various companies. According to the Technical College System of Georgia, a person who has passed a GED test earns $7,658 higher every year than those without the GED certification.

Quick Information About GED

  • The GED classes are free. For more details, contact your Adult Education Center or look for the nearest center for schedule of classes.
  • Your earned GED degree is recognized by over 95% of employers nationwide as well as colleges and universities and advanced training centers.
  • If you obtain a GED, you are taking a step closer towards better jobs and enrolling into higher education or training programs. In fact, two out of three people who have undergone a GED preparation test is able to attain higher educational attainments.
  • Since GED programs have advanced classes and courses, those who have graduated from this training perform better in academic terms than the typical high school graduate.
  • Those who have finished their GED course have been effective role models to their children and other youths to take the same program or finish their high school education.

More Relevant Information

GED is an equivalency test given to youths who were not able to finish their high school. The examinations to be taken are used to measure the skills and knowledge of the candidate and determine eligibility for high school diploma or higher educational training. Individuals age 16 and 19 have to present documentation verifying the person’s release from the high school, and on some occasions, it will also require parental consent. The applicant does not need to be a Georgia resident to become eligible for this program.

Among the subject areas covered are Science, Mathematics, Language (Reading and Writing), and Social Sciences. All the exam parts shall be completed within seven hours and it is to be expected that the test includes reading comprehension, multiple choices, and essay questions. The GED is the most effective alternative for high school diplomas. It is also a good passport to enter into college education, according to American Council on Education.

In order to pass the GED exam, the applicant must equal at least 60% of the high school senior skills and academic proficiency. The cost of GED examination is $95 on average and there might be a slight increase or decrease depending on the number of examinees. The GED program is one of the major reasons why citizens, even without finishing their high school, are still able to secure a job and live decent lives.