Georgia GED Test Guidelines and Requirements

Learn more about the guidelines and requirements for taking the GED test in Georgia.

If you are having difficulty getting a job because you cannot present a diploma to your prospective employers, or if you are struggling to budget your insufficient salary, now might be the best time to know about the GED test. In summary, the GED or General Education Development is a government program that is intended to provide individuals with examination and training to serve as equivalent to the high school diploma. Applicants aged 16 and below are the typical test takers but there are GED accredited exam centers that accommodate adults aged 18 and below. Subject areas covered are science, mathematics, language (reading and writing), and social sciences, that are divided into multiple-choice, essay type, and reading comprehension questions. All sub parts shall be completed within seven hours. However, not all high school dropouts are eligible to take the GED test. Read on to know about GED test guidelines and requirements.


Most GED testing centers require applicants to be aged 16 and below as this is the appropriate age for high school students. But for takers aged between 16 and 18, you have to present a certification from your former high school stating your official release from the school. Also, in some instances, you also need to present parental consent. Individuals who belong to this age bracket should specifically state their intentions in taking the GED as part of the screening process.


One of the most obvious requirements for Georgia GED is that you must not have obtained your high school diploma since the equivalency test would measure your proficiency and competency similar or greater than that of a senior high school student. You must not have graduated from any accredited high school in the country before taking the test.

No simultaneous enrollment in any high school institution

Since the GED is intended to measure your academic proficiency as equivalent to a high school level, you are not allowed to enrol in any academic institution at the same time that you have applied for the GED. Also, your photo will be taken as a security measure so that the test administrators are assured that the person who has applied for GED is the same person who will be taking the exam.


There is no need to become a state resident of Georgia to become eligible to take the GED test. However, you will receive a $500 voucher that can be used to enrol yourself in training programs and classes as a pre-requisite to the GED. For all who are not accommodated with the voucher, there is a mandatory $95 fee for the examination.

Passing rate

GED test takers must be able to pass at least 60% of the overall examination to match the proficiency level of a senior high school student. This is equivalent to an average score of 450 for each section, namely science, math, social sciences, and language. Overall, you need to acquire at least 2250 correct answers in the GED examination to become qualified for the personalized training that gives you the chance to enrol in colleges or universities or to undergo advanced skills training.